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Marcie Burkhalter

Wonderful experience here… the kids really love it there. The summer camps were also great. My kids came home everyday with fun stories and sleepy faces from having too much fun. Thank you all so much for taking such good care of the campers.


Michelle Langley

My child has been a part of Dae Han for the past 5 1/2 years. Master Boucher is not only an amazing instructor but is caring, dedicated, giving, understanding and an excellent mentor. The after school program, camps, parties and Kids Night Out are fun, organized and affordable. Highly Recommend!


Heather Abercrombie

My son has grown so much in the past year of attending classes with Master Boucher and her team. The focus on discipline, education, and respect, while also adding in a ton of fun, will make these children grow up to be fine adults. Her patience and dedication are amazing. Highly recommend her school to anyone.

Jim Ownby

Dae Han, Woodstock, is an excellent school. Master Boucher is one of the most talented teachers/mentors I have known in the 8 years I have been personally involved in martial arts. As a parent, I am impressed by how much my son has improved since we joined this school, as we transferred to this school 2 years ago and found there was a lot of material we had not covered in our previous school. Master Boucher worked with him tirelessly to get him back up to par with his belt rank. As a practitioner, I can better appreciate the energy and effort Master Boucher puts into every training session to make it a positive and safe learning experience for every student, regardless of rank, experience, or background. My son and I are both happy and proud to be a part of Dae Han, Woodstock.

Hilary Linderoth

We love the staff and the school. They have a wonderful after school program that is a great experience for our kids.


Jodi Flisher

Master Boucher at Dae Han Martial Arts has been such a positive influence in our children’s lives. We have 5 children that have studied Tae Kwon Do with Master Boucher, as well as myself. She has taught us all respect, discipline, honesty, honor, and self-confidence. I would recommend her martial arts school to everyone. Her After School Program is a bonus. They focus on education, homework, and martial arts classes. It is wonderful to be able to pick the children up after work and enjoy family time in the evenings, because their homework is done!