At Dae Han Martial Arts, we believe that every student should be encouraged and supported to reach the highest levels of achievement they personally desire. We recognize that every student is unique, and in their own mind, have a different sense of personal accomplishment. Throughout the year students are offered opportunities to compete in local, regional and national competition. Type of competition vary but generally is focused on Forms and Olympic Sparring.

Forms competition is about precision. The student is judged on performing the correct style and accuracy of a specific color belt form. Forms can be compared to a performing art. Like dance or gymnastics timing and accuracy is the key element.
Olympic Sparring competition is more aggressive and physical. The student is judged on a point system based on the number of properly placed kicks to the opponent’s chest and head. Sparring requires focus, concentration and endurance.

Competition is not mandatory and is strictly an option available to a student if they desire. Our objective at Dae Han Martial Arts is to provide ways for students to grow in their chosen art. For students that desire to perfect their skills, our school offers three additional classes that are available to our students at no additional charge. The additional classes are scheduled weekly and include: Forms class, Olympic Sparring Class and Endurance class. Please check the school schedule for days and times these classes meet.