Martial Arts

Welcome to Dae Han Martial Arts!

We are NOT just another Martial Arts School, our training helps students turn knowledge into wisdom.

Dae Han Martial Arts prides itself by following Traditional Korean Martial Arts philosophy and the physical art itself. We teach three of the oldest Korean styles, Taekwondo, Hapkido, and Gumdo all with its own curriculum backed up by the largest organizations based out of South Korea. For more information on each style please click on the tab for a description.

Why should you choose Dae Han Martial Arts?

Because our goal is to change and improve the quality of life of every child, teen and adult in our community. We want to help our community become healthy and positive while learning to defend  themselves. To give our children the chance to gain self esteem, learn respect for others and themselves, to learn to stand up for what is right and to not give in to pear pressure. All this can be accomplished by practicing the philosophy and the art of Korean Martial Arts.

Come and be part of greatness.

Sneak Peak inside the world of Dae Han Martial Arts


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